Saturday, April 23, 2011

Data Collection Complete

I spent today finalizing the CUDA implementations for the SAT and my high compute kernel, a Black-Scholes option pricer. With that, all of my benchmarking programs are as complete as I can make them for this project. I ran the CUDA and OpenCL versions of both programs on the Fermi Tesla card in the lab, and have CSV files of data.

The other half of the equation was getting data for AMD cards for comparison. Very fortunately, Patrick found a friend, Aleksandar Dimitrijevic, who knew someone with a Radeon HD 6870. While this is not a Cayman-class GPU with a VLIW4 architecture, it is still the latest VLIW5 chip (codename Barts), and definitely would give interesting competition. Aleksandar sent me results for both the SAT and Black-Scholes kernels this morning, which was less than a day after I sent him the Black-Scholes implementation. A hearty thanks to both Aleksandar and Patrick for helping out so much in making this project possible.

Without further delay, data for both my low compute and high compute kernels is available in the project SVN repository here: I will post later on why the Black-Scholes kernel was selected for high arithmetic intensity and some implementation details.

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