Wednesday, March 23, 2011

GPU Compute Benchmarking

For my CIS 565 final project, I plan on developing benchmarks to compare compute performance of AMD Radeon HD 69xx series and the NVIDIA Fermi series of GPUs. I think this will be useful to the community, especially since these are the latest and greatest cards on the market. Both GPU families have very different architectures, so it'll be interesting to see where each card shines. I have a hunch that the AMD card could win at high ILP and arithmetic intensity workloads, but with NVIDIA's huge push on GPU compute, their Fermi line has the potential to sweep the test cases.

Soon, I'll have to start picking out those test cases. If anyone has any suggestions or things they'd like to see, please post away in the comments. In the meanwhile, my full gory project proposal is linked here.

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